EU-US Privacy Shield for data

The major agreement governing EU-US Privacy Shield for data struck down by the court.

European Court of Justice (ECJ), struck down A significant understanding governing the EU citizens’ data transfer. Before moving data or information to the US, the EU-US Privacy Shield let companies join to higher security measures. However, a protection advocate challenged the agreement and arguing that from government snooping, EU citizens were never protected by US national security laws. 

The Austrian, Max Schrems behind the case, called it a win for privacy. He said, “It is clear that the US will have to seriously change their surveillance laws if US companies want to continue to play a role in the EU market.” 

Wilbur Ross, US Secretary of Commerce commented that his area of expertise was deeply disappointed with this decision. He further said that he expected that the negative consequences will be limited to worth $7.1 trillion (£5.6tn) for transatlantic trade. 

The EU-US Privacy Shield framework supports transatlantic digital trade for in excess of 5,300 companies where around 65% of them are new companies or little medium enterprises called SMEs or, as per University College London’s European Institute.

Influenced organizations and companies will presently need to sign standard authoritative statements where Europe drew up the non-negotiable legal contracts that are included in different countries besides the US. also, big players like Microsoft are already using them.

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